Grandpa for change to the granddaughter to shake the car 4 yuan hi in

 Company News    |      2017-10-28

Old age (a pseudonym) from the unit after retirement, with his wife children to Nanjing to help his son daughter-in-law with a granddaughter, relatives and friends in Nanjing, and some relatives away from the far, so often often with granddaughter in the district , Vegetable market, Fu Cai shop around the wandering. That night to eat rice, granddaughter clamor to go out to play, often can not withstand trouble, holding the granddaughter down the stairs to go, walked, walked, passing a shop before, placed two lights shining shaking Car, granddaughter look at this shake car flew away, took the old hand straight to shake the car to climb, little mouth also muttered "grandpa, grandfather, money, money", old often The body of the pocket are touched side, a coin is not, only 10 yuan of paper money. At this time, always think of the front is not far before he often go to the Fucai shop, it is better to buy two pairs of color ball, by the way change. Often picked up a granddaughter, said: "Grandpa to change for some time to sit and shake the car, okay" granddaughter smiled and shouted: "Well, sit and shake slightly"

In this way, the old often located in the Gulou District of Nanjing Ning workers new homes 182 Fucai 32015518 sales point to buy 2 note two color ball, for 6 coins, with a granddaughter to shake the car to go. The next day, the old often came to Fu Cai shop Duijiang, salesman received a vote of Duijiang, found that the two-color ball two prize, bonus 92,975 yuan, the old first surprised a moment, looked at the lottery machine screen only believe, said with a smile : "Fu Cai really brought me blessing, ah, this next grandmother kindergarten tuition fees, and later support the blessing, support public welfare" (Zhou Xin)